Democrats step up assistance to Marsiling needy families

Singapore Democrats

Following up on our visit to the residents of Block 16 at the Marsiling housing estate, the Singapore Democrats distributed more groceries to 30 families who had indicated that they were in need of assistance.

The follow-up visit helped us to further determine the best ways of helping these residents. The grocery supplies were donated by a supporter.

There were also several residents who were clearly in need of medical attention. One elderly lady who suffered from weak knees had to literally crawl to the door to talk to us.

Another was apparently a polio victim. She told us that she does not qualify for welfare assistance because the polyclinic doctor she consulted refused to certify that she’s suffering from polio. Without that certification, she is unable to justify her unemployed status and hence does not qualify for financial assistance.

Another man depended on an oxygen tank because he suffers from chronic lung disease. He revealed that his electrical bills are very high due because of the oxygen machine and that his medication is also very expensive.

The SDP’s Dr Leong Yan Hoi who also serves on the party’s Healthcare Advisory Panel has kindly agreed to visit them at their homes. Dr Leong has previously been assisted residents at Woodlands in the dead-body water contamination episode as well as seen needy patients for free at his clinic in the estate.

Apart from food rations and medical help, some residents have asked for help to get jobs as well as for lower rents for their one-bedroom apartments.

One man who is suffering from terminal cancer has had to stop working. The family lives on his wife’s $1000 a month salary. However, his rental is still pegged at $230 a month even though he had approached the HDB for help to lower his rent. One of our members will help him approach the HDB again for help in the area.

One volunteer, inspired by our efforts, pledged that she said she would personally follow-up with the households that she had visited.

The SDP’s Community Services Subcommittee are planning to reach out to residents in the Ghim Moh area within the next several weeks. Please give us a helping hand, email us at

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