Professor Paul Tambyah to speak at SDP dinner

Singapore Democrats

Prof Paul Tambyah spoke at SDP’s GE rally in May 2011

Senior medical consultant, professor Paul Ananth Tambyah, will be the guest speaker at the Singapore Day Party 2011, SDP’s National Day Dinner, to be held this Saturday, 6 Aug 11. Dr Tambyah is a leading expert in infectious diseases and teaches at a major university hospital here in Singapore.

He created a stir when he gave a rousing speech at the SDP’s lunch-time rally at UOB Plaza during the 2011 general elections (watch video below).

Dr Tambyah’s speech at the dinner is entitled “Speaking up for the SDP and staying on a public sector job” in which he will relate his experience in his daily life while helping to advocate the vision and ideals of the SDP.

During his election rally speech, Dr Tambyah talked about the high healthcare costs in Singapore. He said:

The problems with our healthcare system are known to you all – mostly they are about money. The major source of healthcare financing is Medisave – the first of the three Ms. Most patients in hospital are elderly. They have little in their Medisave accounts and depend on their children.

Fortunately for that generation, they had many children and their children’s Medisave can cover most of their hospital bills. My generation however, is the “stop at two” generation. We have even fewer children ourselves. When we get sick, who is going to be able to pay our bills if we depend primarily on Medisave as our own Medisave is depleted for the previous generation.

Dr Tambyah wants to encourage more Singaporeans to speak up as this will do Singapore good. Come and hear what he has to say at the SDP’s National Day dinner this Saturday. The party has also invited the presidential candidates to the dinner. 

For our Muslim friends, we will buka puasa (break fast) with you at the dinner. So wear the national colours and come with your familiy and friends to celebrate the evening with us.

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