SDP resumes ground campaign

Singapore Democrats

Three months after the general elections in May 2011, the Singapore Democrats have resumed our groundwork by visiting the Ghim Moh housing estate, which ic part of the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, last Sunday. The SDP team, led by Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, went around the food centre to meet with residents. 

Stall-holders there expressed worries that there are plans to tear down the market/food centre in the near future. The area is a popular and convenient palve for residents to have their meals and buy their daily necessities.

The party also visited nearby flats to get acquainted with residents and to find out their concerns. Several repeated the possibility of the market being demolished which would deprive them of their source of groceries.

Some of the residents expressed unhappiness over the transport fare hike. They said that it was unfair to them as it added more burden on their livelihood. Team members reminded them that they do have a chance, that is, through the ballot box. They were told that citizens do not have to feel powerless and that voting for the PAP over and over again and expecting a different outcome to their problems will not work. 

We also reminded them to contact the SDP should they require any assistance.

Many of the residents were surprised to see us so soon after the general elections. Some invited us into their homes and told us that they were disappointed that we did not win. All were encouraging and urged us not to give up our fight at the GRC.

Just like in the post GE2006 period, the Singapore Democrats will continue our groundwork from now until the the next GE. Whether online or on the ground, we have always worked hard and not taken the public for granted.

Not only have we been hard at work coming up with alternative policies, we have also been actively helping the less fortunate in our society. Our Community Services Subcommittee have been visiting needy families in the Sembawang GRC and providing them with medical assistance and food supplies.

We are proud to press on with our motto of being a competent, constructive and compassionate party.

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