Why did Dr Chee kick Mr Chiam See Tong out of the SDP?

No. He didn’t. It was Mr Chiam who resigned as secretary-general of the SDP.

Following the election in 1993, Dr Chee was sacked by the National University of Singapore where he was a Lecturer. Dr Chee went on a hunger strike as a mark of protest. Mr Chiam first supported Dr Chee’s action but later changed his mind and called for the Party to censure his then assistant secretary-general (Dr Chee was elected to the post in February 1993).

None of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) members supported Mr Chiam’s motion whereupon the Party leader tended his resignation, citing that he had lost the confidence of his colleagues.

A few of the CEC members, including Dr Chee, tried to persuade Mr Chiam to remain as secretary-general. However, Mr Chiam stated that he would do so only if he could be granted the power to appoint and dismiss the Party’s cadre members. He also wanted the removal of Mr Wong Hong Toy as vice-chairman.

Under the Party’s constitution a simple majority of the CEC was needed to appoint cadre members, not any one individual leader. The CEC did not have the constitutional power to accede to Mr Chiam’s demands.

A few weeks later, Mr Chiam gave a speech at the Singapore Press Club attacking the Party’s leadership in a vicious manner. Ironically, it was he who forbade leaders from criticising the party after they left it by making them sign oaths.

It was only after his speech at the Singapore Press Clubs, which is always looking for an opportunity to run down the opposition, that the CEC voted to expel Mr Chiam.

(The Press Club had extended a similar invitation to Dr Chee to counter Mr Chiam. Knowing that the AP-controlled media had every intention to fan the flames Dr Chee declined the invitation. But when he subsequently informed the organizers that he would speak but on the Party’s alternative policy ideas instead of the altercation with Mr Chiam, the Press Club withdrew the invitation.)

Despite all this Dr Chee approached Mr Chiam a few months later to invite him to join an SDP delegation that was going to visit the Australian Parliament in Canberra. Mr Chiam declined.

The PAP has seized on this matter and deliberately portrayed the falsehood that Dr Chee ousted Mr Chiam from the SDP.

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