A man with a small pocket but a big heart

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Ivan Lim with Chee Siok Chin

Two weeks ago, the Singapore Democrats published the difficulties of needy residents we met at Blk 16, Marsiling. We asked for Singaporeans come forward to help their less fortunate citizens.

Up stepped Ivan Lim. Mr Lim who lives in Ang Mo Kio is no millionaire. In fact, he faces financial diffculties himself. In 2003, some of his family members passed away and left him with a huge financial burden.

Because of this he was unable to cope with his medical expenses as he was suffering from diabetes.

Like many in Singapore, Mr Lim began to cut back on his medication – stretched his one-month prescription into three months. As a result his condition worsened. In 2009, he had to have his right leg amputated.

It was only then that he managed to get some financial help. But the authorities made it hard for him to renew his application for medical subsidy from the polyclinic. They made him prove that he needed aid as if having only one leg wasn’t proof enough. “They make you feel so small just to get some assistance.” he said.

He used to work in a hotel in charge of all the floral arrangements there. After he left that job he became a florist. Today, he works from home.

SDP CEC member Ms Chee Siok Chin visited Mr Lim at his home last week. She reports that there is no bitterness in the man even though he was so shabbily treated by the Government.

Not only does he not feel anger, he still finds enough in his heart to care for others. Mr Lim reads the SDP’s website which was how he came to know about the work we are doing for the community. He read about Mdm Devi and other elderly folks at Marsiling who needed walking aides but were unable to afford them.

Mr Lim contacted the SDP and told us he wanted to give his crutches and walking frame to them. More than that he wants others like him to know that they too can live out their lives meaningfully despite their hardships.

He said, “Despite how difficult life can be, many times there’s always a silver lining when we are positive and are willing to change for the better. I learnt from all the setbacks and am in agreement with the SDP’s political pursuit.

“I am seeing SDP in a new light and now feel that all you are doing is very positive. If only SDP had come to my GRC, you would have my vote. I wish the Government would have shown how much they care by taking some time to visit residents and not only during the elections. Please keep up the good work, especially your home visits to the needy.”

It is people like Mr Ivan Lim that keeps us in the SDP going. It is people with small pockets but big hearts that remind us why we got into this struggle in the first place, the struggle for a more democratic and caring Singapore.

We have a Government that no longer cares for the people. It now cares only about making itself rich. We must change this, we must bring economic and social justce to Singapore. For the measure of true greatness is not how much money we make but how much we care for the weakest and poorest among us.

The SDP will deliver these aides donated by Mr Lim to Mdm Devi and other residents. You, too, can help by making a contribution with our service to the community.

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