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In our report A man with a small pocket but a big heart, we related how a Mr Ivan Lim had donated walking aids to residents at Marsiling who couldn’t afford them. The SDP visited Mdm Devi and Mdm Aminah to deliver the items so kindly donated by Mr Lim.

Mdm Devi who suffers from polio was obviously pleased with her brand new walking frame. She practised using it with the help of one of our members repeatedly saying thank you. The beaming smile she wore on her face meant more to us than anything she could say.

Another resident, Mdm Aminah who is in her 70s has been living by herself since her husband passed away. She suffers from cataract, hypertension and arthritis. Dr. Leong Yan Hoi is personally managing her medication for her hypertension and arthritis while the SDP is helping her look for financial assistance for her cataract surgery.

We persuaded her not to use her payong (umbrella) that she was using as her walking stick and to use the more sturdy walking aid that we brought for her.

We also visited the boy who suffers from Down Syndrome and requires a motorized wheelchair to get about. We met the father and told him that the boy’s school informed one of our members that they will get back to him by the end of the month whether the boy will get his motorized wheelchair at a greatly subsidized rate.

Mdm Aminah trying out her new walking aid

Another resident told us that due to our persistence, he went to the CDC to ask for financial aid. He happily reported to us that he managed to get financial assistance of $300 a month for the next six months.

Meanwhile, Dr Leong continues to follow-up with residents of Blk 16 whom he has been treating without any charge. He recently paid another visit to a Mr Pang who suffers from chronic lung disease.

Mr Pang’s medication costs $260 each time he goes for his follow-up check. Dr Leong tells the Singaore Democrats that there are no cheap alternatives, but that he would try to source from his distributors cheaper rates for the drug and do what he can to bring Mr Pang’s medication expenses down.

Apart from the equipment the Singapore Democrats also delivered some grocery items to Mem Devi, Mdm Aminah and other residents.

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