SDP calls for meeting with Elections Department

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats wrote to the Elections Department (ELD) requesting a meeting to iron out serious anomalies encountered during the general elections conducted this year.

In an exchange of emails between the SDP and the ELD, Public Education and Training Manager Goh Jing Xian said that the Department recognises that certain procedures during the general elections “has not been consistent amongst election officials.”

Noting this, Dr Chee Soon Juan wrote again to call for a meeting with the ELD so that the party can provide crucial and detailed feedback for the proper running of future elections as well as to get a clearer understanding of the Department’s electoral regulations.

15 September 2011

Goh Jing Xian (Ms)
Manager (Public Education & Training)
Elections Department, Prime Minister’s Office

Dear Ms Goh,

Now that the Presidential Elections is over, I hope that the ELD can devote some time to doing a comprehensive review of the election process to ensure the proper running of future elections.

There are many other inconsistencies which we would like to bring to your attention. As such I would like to request that the ELD organise a seminar for political parties with the dual objective of receiving feedback from us regarding election procedures as well as explaining to us some of the rules and how they are applied during polling.

This will make the nomination, campaigning and voting processes unambiguous and minimise questions about the handling of elections by the ELD.

For example, I raised the question of our candidates and polling agents being denied entry into the polling stations. Your reply was that “after further investigations, we recognise that the practice has not been consistent amongst election officials. We will certainly consider your feedback when we review the procedures for election officials to follow and the training of officials.”

We would like to be included in the review process so that we can be assured that the inconsistencies are not repeated. I hope you can appreciate our concern that such inconsistencies could affect the outcome of the polls. Every effort must, therefore, be taken to ensure that they are resolved. This includes involving opposition parties as you go about reviewing the election procedures.

There are many other irregularities that we would like to bring to your attention and we cannot afford to wait until the next elections to find out if the problems have been ironed out. A seminar, or series of seminars, would improve understanding all round.

We look forward to the opportunity to interact with you to ensure that future elections are conducted in the best manner possible.

Thank you.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party

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