Democrats visit Tanjong Pagar GRC again

Singapore Democrats

   Chee Soon Juan greets diners

The Singapore Democrats continued our groundwork at the Tanjong Pagar GRC, the second time in two weeks. Members were out chatting with residents on Sunday at the Tiong Bahru food centre and market. Danny, our Democracy Bear, joined us for the walkabout (see photos).

The weekend before, we were also at the Sembawang GRC continuing with our walkabouts there. This is all part of our ground campaign to get to know the people better and to listen to their concerns.

The next general elections may be years away but the party is not wasting any time by laying dormant in between the elections. We have been actively engaging constituents since the GE in May this year.

Tanjong Pagar GRC was not contest in the last elections and has remained so for a few decades. This will change as the SDP will be contesting in the ward at the next GE.

Vincent Wijeysingha chats with a resident

From the water-tank issue in Marsiling to bringing basic necessities to needy families at the Sembawang GRC to block parties to football competitions to reach out to younger Singaporeans, members and volunteers have been keeping thenselves extremely busy with our Road to 2016 campaign.

These activties have been driven by our Community Services and Ground Operations groups.

Apart from our groundwork, other subcommittees also been hard at work. Our Policy Studies subcommittee is making its final revision to a major policy paper on ministerial salaries that will be released soon.

Also in the works is SDP’s alternative national healthcare plan drawn up by our Healthcare Advisory Panel which we are looking forward to launching in 2012.

 Danny reaches out

Our Training & Development unit will conduct a workshop for party members this Saturday which will be followed by a BBQ. The workshop is aimed at updating members on developments and preparing them for the campaign ahead.

To support the myriad of activities, our Fund-Raising group will be announcing a major event in the near future which we’re sure will be of great interest to everyone public.

So the next time anyone asks you whether the opposition has gone to sleep in between elections, you know what to tell them about the Singapore Democrats.

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