“Semua naik tapi gaji tak naik”: Tanjong Pagar resident

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats were back in Tanjong Pagar yesterday to contine our preparation to contest in the GRC in the next election. Members moved from food centres in the Tanglin Halt and Alexandra areas of the constituency spreading the SDP’s message.

The one very clear – and disheartening – feedback that we heard from the people seemed to be that their cost of living continues to be a burden on their lives.

A group of elderly ladies sitting outside a food centre said that she didn’t know why her electricity bills amounted to more than one hundred dollars even though she lived in one of those small, rented flats without any bedrooms.

“I don’t have air-con, I don’t even have a television,” she said, “I don’t know why my electricity bills are so high.”

Another group of Malay housewives sitting nearby also expressed the same outrage: “Semua naik,” one of them said referring to daily expenses, “tapi gaji tak naik!” (Everything has increased but wages have not increased.)

Such sentiment isn’t new although it seems to be getting more intense and prevalent. People were already feeling anxious and frustrated over the rising cost of living prior to the general elections.

Now it seems that after all the excitement during the May elections, things are back to as they were. Nothing has changed.

Parliament does nothing to alleviate the pain of ordinary Singaporeans even as their difficulties intensify. Members seem unable or unwilling to provide an alternative to the way things are done.

The Singapore Democrats will step up our effort to spread our alternative economic programme that will put more money into the pockets of working Singaporeans and reduce income inequality in this country. 

Like in previous visits, constituents were receptive to our presence with several expressing their disappointment that they did not get a chance to vote in the last GE.

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