Democrats visit Chinatown

Singapore Democrats

In our on-going campaign at the Tanjong Pagar GRC, the Singapore Democrats visited the Kreta Ayer Food Centre at Chinatown on Sunday to greet residents and get to know the electorate.

Although the next elections is still years away, the SDP is wasting no time in establishing our presence there and to introduce ourselves to the prople in the constituency. We have been visiting the GRC in the past several weeks and will continue to do so until GE 2016.

We visited Tiong Bahru, Tanglin Halt, Queenstown and other residential areas in the GRC and will also be calling on the households and conducting more block parties in an effort to get to know the constituents better.

The food centre was teeming with people who were out marketing and having breakfast, many of them were of the older generation. We managed to engage them in conversation about livelihood issues.

We talked to several about the mnisters salaries, many of whom expressed shock about the amounts the ministers were getting. When we expressed our views about cutting the the salaries, they were met with enthusiastic nods.

It was clear that the people were having problems with the cost of living which look set to get worse as the economy slips into a downturn. The Singapore Democrats have made the proposal that the GST for essential items and foodstuff be eliminated and the rate for other basic necessities be reduced to 3 percent.

This will help to ease the financial burdens of the people such as those whom we visited at Kreta Ayer. The SDP will continue to spread our message that it will take a competent, constructive and compassionate opposition to help change politics and policies in Singapore so that they can start to live not just freer but less stressful lives.   

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