Democrats usher in the New Year

Singapore Democrats

More than 60 members and friends of the SDP gathered at East Coast Parkway on New Year’s Eve to greet 2012.

At at the stroke of midnight, against the backdrop of bright red flares shot into the night sky by ships anchored out at sea, everyone cheered for the New Year and looked forward to a brighter future.

The party saw some new faces as well as many familiar ones who had come to join in the fun. Over abundant food (which included some really good durians) and great conversation, all stayed up to take part in the countdown.

Dr Chee Soon Juan remarked to everyone that just a few years ago, such a New Year’s Eve party saw only a couple of handfuls of people. Through the years, however, the party – both the organisation and the gathering – grew. 

The group then broke into Auld Lang Syne, reminiscing about the old and looking forward to what lay ahead. While 2011 was a meaningful year for the Singapore Democrats, 2012 holds even greater promise as we continue to break new political ground in search of our dream of a democratic Singapore.

May that dream soon come true. Happy New Year, one and all!

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