Democrats to conduct major Chinese New Year walkabout

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats will be conducting a major walkabout this Saturday, 21 Jan 11, to coincide with the Chinese New Year. Members will tour the various constituencies that we contested in the 2011 general elections. We will also visit Tanjong Pagar GRC. 

We look forward to greeting residents as they go about preparing to usher in the Year of the Dragon. The exercise will also allow us to introduce the SDP to them.

We have been visiting the constituencies repeatedly, especially Tanjong Pagar,  following the general elections in May last year.

The walkabout will be the biggest one since the GE and will take half-a-day to complete. But members and supporters are ready to hit the ground again because we want to keep up the momentum of the SDP’s expansion by spreading our message of democracy and hope.

Participants will be meeting at Toa Payoh in the morning where a bus has been chartered to take us to the various constituencies starting with the Sembawang GRC. We will then work our way south and end at Chinatown after which we will return to Toa Payoh in the afternoon.

From our past walkabouts, we hear repeatedly that the people are concerned about the continued rise in the cost of living. Inflation has outstripped wages especially for those in the middle- and lower-income groups. In other words, nothing has changed. All the promises that the PAP made at the GE to help the people have turned out to be mere words.

The Year of the Dragon looks to be no different. In fact, the outlook is even bleaker as the economy looks headed for a recession, if we’re not already in one.

We will let the people know that the Singapore Democrats will continue to speak up for them and win their support in the lead up to the next elections, far away as the GE might be. The SDP does not go to sleep in between polls.

We encourage Singaporeans to join us in this festive walkabout. It is only with mass support that we can bring about change – change for a better Singapore. The SDP – the party that is competent, constructive and compassionate – intends to take the lead in bringing about that change.

If you wish to do join us this Saturday, please email us at

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