YD Lunar New Year video attracts record high viewership

Singapore Democrats

The Chinese New Year video message we posted on Wednesday attracted an unusually high number of views. There were more than 800 views on the first day that the video was posted.

The video (watch it here) showcasing Young Democrats Solange Chee and Gerous Khung is another demonstration of the SDP’s vitality and dynamism which has caught the attention of Singaporeans.

Since the general elections last year, we have seen a spurt in the growth of the Sngapore Democrats which augurs well for the future of Singapore. Many of our new members and those who volunteer are in their 20s and 30s. They bring to the SDP new ideas and a new level of energy that enables us to grow even quicker.

So what exactly about the SDP that attracts younger Singaporeans? Many tell us that it is the SDP’s message of democratic change that has energised them and make them want to be part of the SDP family.

They also say that it is the party’s clear message of standing up for the little guy that appeals to them. Our alternative policies captured in our manifesto It’s About You (purchase a copy here) have also drawn them to the SDP.

The presence of these younger Singaporeans have stimulated much discussion about the country’s future and how we can move ahead. As a result we have become a party where intellectuals congregate to work out realistic programs and alternative policies for our nation.


Women Democrats to play a key role in SDP

n the coming weeks and months, Singaporeans will see more policy papers being presented by professionals and experts within our party on the various issues such as healthcare, housing, and education.

Not only are we attracting the young, we are also building up a sizable women’s wing. Again, after the last election we experienced a surge in membership of which a significant portion were women.

The Women Democrats (WD) are in the midst of organising themselves and will be conducting an event to commemorate International Women’s Day.

The party looks forward to the WD becoming an effective arm of the party and we look forward to them playing a key role in, and raising the quality of, the leadership of the SDP.

All in, the future looks exciting for the Singapore Democrats as we grow from strength to strength. A strong SDP means a democratic, just and compassionate Singapore.

Join us. sdp@yoursdp.org  

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