Democrats continue to reach out to younger Singaporeans

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats have been at the forefront of connecting with younger Singaporeans. We took another step in this direction last week when we hosted a get-together for a group of youths who had taken part in our football tournament in October 2011.

Our own Young Democrats (YD) organised a gathering to talk football over lots of food and even more drinks at an eating place in Ang Mo Kio. Players from the various teams who had participated in the competition turned up.

The get-together is part of the SDP’s on-going programme to engage youths across Singapore and to interest them in current affairs. Youths in Singapore are largely disengaged from the public arena after years of autocratic rule where the people have become depoliticised.

The YD is committed to reversing ths process and to get or youths interested in national issues again because they are going to inherit society and being apathetic and ignorant of social issues will place Singapore at a great disadvantage.

“Our society needs more young people to come to the fore to engage on the issues of the day,” YD leader Mr Clarence Zeng said, “and we hope to encourage this process by organising events that interest them.”

And sports is certainly an area that Singaporean youths are interested in. Many of our guests indicated that sports is an integral part of the lives 

Former CEC member Mr Gerald Sng discussed with participants how we could turn our football competition into a community event. We are already making plans for this year’s futsal tournament. 

The evening ended with a thank-you cheer for the party from our guests. It was encouraging to see our youths taking an interest in national affairs and we hope to continue building on our relationship with them and to expand our reach to young Singaporenas.



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