SDP to unveil healthcare plan for the nation

Singapore Democratic Party is proud to announce that it will unveil
The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring For All Singaporeans.
The Plan is a culmination of a nine-month study conducted by the party’s Healthcare Advisory Panel.

The panel comprises a group of eminent medical practitioners and healthcare specialists who care deeply about the current state of medical care in Singapore where poorer segments of society are not given proper medical treatment because they cannot afford it.

Even middle-income Singaporeans feel the heavy financial burden when they are hospitalised.

The SDP Plan emphasizes the ‘care’ in medical care where doctors take proper care of their patients instead of a system where the sick are treated like customers.

When we become ill, we should not have to worry that the treatment is going to ruin us financially.

This Plan is line with the SDP’s vision of fostering a compassionate and egalitarian Singapore. It addresses the current PAP healthcare policies and identifies the areas in need of reform. It not only proposes realistic alternatives but also details how they are paid for.

The PAP’s healthcare scheme has, until now at least, not been challenged. As a result it has made medical care in Singapore uncaring and unaffordable, serving the rich extremely well but neglecting those who are not financially well-off.

The Minister for Health’s announcement of the Healthcare 2020 Masterplan in Parliament yesterday presented nothing new with healthcare remaining unaffordable in Singapore. Despite what the Minister says, Singaporeans are still flocking to Malaysia to seek treatment and buy their medication. 

The SDP’s Plan will change all this. It opens the window to a system that Singaporeans never realised was possible. It will show the people what they have been missing all these decades and describes what a caring and efficient healthcare system should be.

So come next Saturday, 17 March 2012, we will launch
The SDP National Healthcare Plan. We invite you to this history-making event where we hope to get feedback from you about our proposals.

The SDP Healthcare Advisory Panel comprises:

  • Dr Ang Yong Guan, psychiatrist
  • Dr Cheng Shin Chuen, vascular surgeon
  • Ms Eveline How, corporate communications
  • Dr Patrick Kee, specialist in palliative medicine
  • Dr Leong Yan Hoi, general practitioner
  • Dr Neo Eak Chan, general practitioner
  • A/Prof Paul Tambyah, specialist in infectious diseases
  • Dr Tan Lip Hong, general practitioner
  • Dr Toh Beng Chye, general practitioner
  • Dr Wong Wee Nam, general practitioner

National Healthcare Plan: Caring for All Singaporeans

Venue: Medical Alumni Centre [see
change venue]

            2 College Road (next to SGH, Outram MRT station)

Date:   17 March 2012, Saturday

Time:   2pm to 5pm

Admission is free, all are welcome

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