Venue changed for healthcare launch, Medical Alumni cancels booking

The announced venue for the launch of the SDP’s healthcare paper has been changed. This is because the booking of the theatre at the Medical Alumni Centre has been cancelled by its management.

The launch will now take place at the Peninsula-Excelsior Hotel, Orchid Room, Level L, 5 Coleman Street, on the same date as planned, that is, 17 March 2012, Saturday between 2pm to 5pm. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, the circumstance was beyond our control.

The booking of the room was confirmed when the announcement was made on this website. But when the Medical Alumni management learnt about the event, it convened a meeting and decided to cancel the booking. The cancellation will, however, not affect our plans and the launch will proceed as scheduled but at a different venue.$CUT$

We look forward to presenting the paper to the nation and we are confident that it will be enthusiastically welcomed by Singaporeans. Titled The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring For All Singaporeans, the paper spells out in detail the party’s proposals for a system that will revolutionise medical care in Singapore.

The PAP touts its healthcare policies as a world-beater. But the truth is that its functions and accounting is shrounded in mystery. The Singapore Medical Association recently interviewed Harvard Economist Professor William Hsiao who had this to say about the healthcare system here:

Now it is difficult to obtain data on the performance of Singapore’s healthcare system. Relatively little is published, and therefore comparisons with other countries’ systems are not possible. I would not have an issue with this confidentiality if Singapore did not promote its healthcare system outside its borders.

However, because the Singapore Government is actively advocating the ‘3M’ system to other countries (like China) as a means of controlling healthcare costs, I believe that Singapore has a social responsibility to release this data so that others can independently evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the Singaporean system.

The SDP Plan will shed more light on this issue and show Singaporeans how the PAP has been making the people pay for what the Government ought to have undertaken.

We will solicit the input of the public at the launch and, where appropriate, incorporate your ideas and suggestions. The 100-page document will be subsequently published into a book and made available to the general public. We, therefore, urge you to attend this groundbreaking event and help in the effort to reform the uncaring, outdated and unaffordable healthcare scheme run by the PAP.

The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring for All Singaporeans

Venue: Peninsula-Excelsior Hotel [map]
            Orchid Room, Excelsior Tower
Date:   17 March 2012, Saturday
Time:   2pm to 5pm

Admission is free, all are welcome

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