$14K shock bill

Singapore Democrats

10% co-payment, up to a max of $2000.

SGH maybe overcharging…
The average bill size for my private patients in Mt Alvernia for this procedure is around 7-10k before the 3k medisave deduction
I think this is closer to the real cost so under SDP scheme patient pays about 700-1000 dollars….
I think SGH admin botched up the medisave claim too…
In fact, I think we should go one further. The fact is that many patients, not just this one may have been overcharged and denied the use of their Medisave/Medishield for this. We should invite these people to send details of their bills to us and we can write a cover letter to SGH about this. At the same time, we can explain that under our plan, the co-payment would be much less and for a poorer individual, this would not come from out of pocket.

I won’t be surprised if SGH marked up the balloon and stent costs like a for-profit organization..




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