Party members undergo leadership training

Singapore Democrats

Leaders and members of the SDP underwent an intensive training seminar last week to develop their leadership skills. This is the first time that the party has engaged a professional trainer to do the job.

As our party matures and leaders take on more responsibilities, it is important that we raise our standard of professionalism and know-how in serving the people and this country.$CUT$

The intense one-day seminar took party activists through several sessions which covered topics like capacity-building, communication skills, and management techniques. Participants took time to look into their own leadership skills and were taken through a process to develop and hone them.

Several Young Democrats were also selected to undergo the training to prepare them to take over some of the repsonsibilities of leading the SDP in the future.

Ms Solange Chee, a teacher, said she benefited from the session: “The training opened up my mind to my own potential and capabilities, and helped me undertsand how I can capitalise on my strengths to lead those around me.”

The session started early on a Sunday morning and didn’t end till past six in the evening.

But the training was not just about individuals. Teamwork was also a big feature of the programme. Participants learned about group dynamics and effective ways of working with other people.

The exercise helped to strengthen the bonds within the party leadership, a key element in helping the SDP keep on track and achieve its goals.

“When we develop ourselves, we develop the cohesiveness of the party,” said Ms Chee Siok Chin who heads the Training & Development Unit that organised the seminar.

“What we have to do now is to conscientiously apply what we have learned and use the knowledge to make the SDP an even more competent organisation,” she added.

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