SDP applies to TCs and CCs for healthcare meetings

The Singapore Democrats have written to the Town Councils and Community Clubs of the Sembawang, Holland-Bukit Timah, and Tanjong Pagar GRCs for permission to hold town hall meetings for our healthcare plan.$CUT$

This is part of our effort to present to Singaporeans The SDP National Healthcare Plan which we launched two weeks ago, and to solicit their input during the public consultation phase.

The SDP has written to these municipalities for permision to conduct meetings at open spaces and void decks on Sunday mornings in the month of April.

Members of our Healthcare Advisory Panel will use the events to explain to the people how our healthcare system can be made affordable and universal.

It is important that Singaporeans know that there is an alternative model and not feel that they have to stick with the current PAP healthcare system.

The sessions will take the form of town hall meetings where our panel of medical doctors will be on hand to answer questions from the people about their concerns regarding healthcare in Singapore. 

This meetings will be an educational event for Singaporeans as they have never been exposed to the possibility of having another system to take care of their healthcare needs. Till today, many Singaporeans still think that the PAP’s system where the Government pays only 30 percent of the country’s total healthcare expenditure (THE) is the acceptable norm.

As a result, the people have had to bear the burden of healthcare costs by paying for their treatment out of their own pockets and from their CPF savings (Medisave). Such an arrangement has left many in society deprived of proper medical care. Others are left in debt after paying their medical bills.

The SDP’s plan ensures that no one who needs treatment is deprived of it and that medical bills will not leave us financially crippled.

We want to explain that there is no reason why the Government cannot shoulder more of the healthcare expenses in Singapore – by up to 70 percent of the THE, a level that is more in line with developed economies.

At the end of the day, the people must be informed of the choices that they have and the only way that this can be done is through dialogue sessions and town hall meetings where alternative policies can be explained to them.

If Singapore is going to become a knowledge-based socierty and the people allowed to make informed choices, then it is important for them to learn and understand alternative policies.

We will keep readers informed of the outcome of our applications.

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