A party that works together stays together

Singapore Democrats

Planning for May Day Rally 2012 started several weeks ago. Under the leadership of Dr Vincent Wijeysingha who chaired the organsing committee, the party staged another successful event at Hong Lim Park yesterday.

Logistics team getting things in place

The various aspects of the Rally were stitched together to bring about a meaningful event to mark Singaporean Workers’ Day.

The day started off in the hot morning sun with members of the logistics team, led by CEC member Bryan Lim, pitching tents and hauling everything from the heavy-duty sound and lighting equipment to the more delicate items of cookies and coffee.

Stage manager and CEC member Chris Ang, who had expertly handled the party’s rallies in the last general elections, again coordinated the stage programme with much aplomb.

Our small army of technical and Internet experts, cameramen, and photographers recruitment from our youth wing, the Young Democrats, recorded as well as live-streamed the event.

Young Democrats operating the communications booth

Then there was the health screening booth where members and volunteers who were also professional nursing staff took the blood pressure of many of the participants, with Dr Tan Lip Hong standing by to provide medical advice.

Booths providing refreshments, selling SDP T-shirts, and recruiting new members were fully and efficiently staffed. We even had a sponsor – Sidhi Coffee – that provided the beverage free to participants as they sat on the lawn and took in the proceedings.

Even the weather was in full cooperation as the clouds covered the sun and provided the venue with much welcomed shade. It only started to drizzle when the last speaker Dr Vincent Wijeysingha wrapped up his speech.

Member Chong Wai Fung and volunteers doing health screening

“I want to thank everyone who put in weeks of hard work to make this rally a success,” Dr Wijeysingha said. “Party colleagues felt that the coming together of ordinary citizens was a really appropriate way to mark the day.”

When the last table was loaded up on the truck and the last piece of litter cleared, each member appreciated the meaning of May Day even more.

Through all this was the unspoken message that the Singapore Democrats fight together and work together – and that’s how we stay together.

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