Chee’s speech will be live-streamed from Oslo

Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan’s speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum will be streamed live tomorrow, 8 May 2012 (Tuesday) from Oslo, Norway. The event can be viewed at Dr Chee’s speech will come on at 11pm Singapore time (5pm Central Europe time).

Billed as “an intimate gathering where remarkable individuals come together to address the world’s most challenging humanitarian issues”, the Forum will begin today and end on 9 May.$CUT$

The SDP secretary-gneral’s application to travel to Norway for the Forum was rejected by the Government. Forum CEO Thor Halversson subsequently wrote to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to ask that the ban be lifted. PM Lee did not reply.

Dr Chee has recorded his presentation on video which will be screened at the event at the above stated time. He will highlight the restrictions on civil liberties in Singapore and point out how such anti-democratic practices are adversely affecting the economic situation of the country.

The Government also barred Dr Chee from travelling to Dubai to speak at the annual conference of the International Bar Association on “Economic Sustainability and the Rule of Law” in November last year (Watch video of Dr Chee’s IBA presentation here).

As the global system becomes increasingly interconnected and as Singapore remains plugged into the international trading and financial systems, it is crucial that Singaporeans become more aware of the undercurrents in the politico-economic sector and that the international community learn more about reality of the system in Singapore. (Read also Wealth disparity Part 3: What we can, and must, do)

The Oslo Freedom Forum is an important venue to press forward international dialogue about the important relationship between human rights and sustainable economic development.

Emmy-Award winning actress, Ms Julia Ormond, will also be present to speak about the need to end enslavement and human trafficking.

Ms Ormond, best known for her starring in films alongside Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and Brad Pitt is an outspoken activist to eradicate human trafficking. She has given expert testimony before the U.S. Congress and the United Nations. She also served as UN Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Slavery and Trafficking, and is the Founding Chair of FilmAid International.

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