Let’s get fit, physically first, then politically

Solange Chee

Most people think that keeping fit is doing something strenuous, such as slogging it out in the gym. Not so. Did you know that simply increasing the level of your daily activities can greatly improve your health and energy?

This is especially important for women who are usually either cooped up in the house or in the office. And by keeping ourselves fit, we are better able to take of those around us and contribute to society.$CUT$

I’ve always been a sporty person. Whether it’s school sports or leisure, I enjoy physical activity and adventure. I love exploring new activities, picking up bowling, dancing, yoga and muay thai in recent years. Yes, that’s muay thai – Thai kickboxing.

I love how intense this sport is, how it stretches your perseverance, trains your concentration and agility, and improves your physical strength – fast. Ok, so I was close to crying on the first day of training because it was so tough. But hey, I kept at it and lived to brag about engaging in the tough sport.

I’m taking a break from muay thai and turning to running and cycling, usually at the MacRitchie reservoir and East Coast Park (ending the routine with a MacDonald’s ice-cream, of course). There are the lazy days when I’d stay home and just do some stretching exercises, sometimes accompanied by sit-ups, push-ups and training with weights.

Developing an exercise routine takes a determination and discipline but it isn’t really that tough. In fact, it can be fun. Go with something you like to do, and perhaps get a friend to accompany you. Whatever it is and however you do it, get out there and get active.

The Women Democrats are concerned that women in Singapore are not taking care of ourselves well enough, physically, socially and mentally. As a consequence, we are not fulfilling our potential as leaders of society.

We need to change that. So why not join us for a health talk this Sunday 1 July: Holistic Health for Women? There’ll be experts who will speak about the whys and hows of keeping healthy and trim. (See below for details.)

So let’s get fit, physically first, then politically.

Solange Chee is an educator. She is the youngest member of the Women Democrats.

Event: Holistic Health for Women
Date: 1 July 2012, Sunday
Time: 2 to 5pm
Venue: The Seminar Room #02-08 Heritage Place
            21 Tan Quee Lan St, S(188108)
Admission: Free. All are welcome

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