SDP to revamp website

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will revamp this website in the near future. Many have told us that it is one of the best political party websites in Singapore, carrying up-to-date and relevant news about important matters regarding Singapore and the SDP.$CUT$

When it first opened for business on 1 April 2008, it was well ahead of its time in terms of content and aesthetics. $CUT$ It has served the party faithfully, even helping in our GE 2011 campaign.

But even the best things outlive their usefulness. The party’s needs and operations have outgrown the capability of the present set-up and we need a change in its contents.

The new website will, of course, continue with daily updates on news and analysis on current affairs, and also continue tokeep our friends and supporters informed about our activities and events.

In addition, it will carry new features including a section carrying analytical and op-ed pieces written by our members and associates.

Another section will be dedicated to our alternative policies that we have put up over the years so that even more Singaporeans will become acquainted with what the SDP wants to do for them. Presently, we are working on new policy papers including housing, the economy and education.

This website has been the reason many have joined the SDP. Singaporeans are slowly coming to learn what we stand for and our vision for the nation. They know that we are the one party that will stand up fearlessly for them and fight for their interests.

They know that whether it is bread-and-butter issues like minimum wage and income inequality or their democratic rights, they have a friend and a leader in the SDP.

All these have changed many minds in Singapore and this site has been instrumental in helping us make that transformation. So if we are a little sentimental in saying goodbye to it, please forgive us – this website has been a very good and faithful servant. We will miss it.

At the same time, we look forward to the new one as it will carry the party to new levels and open new vistas for us. We have welcomed your comments: The good ones have encouraged us and the critical ones have helped us learn and improve.

To all of you who have followed us and grown with us, we say a heartfelt thank you for your care and support. 

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