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Chaired by leading Women Democrats member Ms Chong Wai Fung, the participants who came for SDP’s Holistic Health for Women forum went away with loads of useful information and great door gifts.$CUT$

The talk started with Dr Tan Lip Hong (below, right) who spoke about some of the common health problems that afflict women.$CUT$

He took the participants through the many diseases to which women are most prone. Generally, women are physically less active than men. Unknowingly to most people, heart disease is the number one killer for women, especially among those post-menopause. It is closely followed by cancers, with breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer being the highest killers among cancers in women.

Dr Ang Yong Guan (below, left) told the audience that about 360 people took their own lives each year in Singapore, which averages to be about one person every day.

He also spoke about mental illnesses such as suicidal tendencies, depression, obssessive-compulsive disorder and psychosis. Women have their own unique set of problems such as pre-menstrual tension, peri-natal depression and menopause.

Dr Ang also illustrated some clinical cases with interesting stories of female Hollywood celebrities such as Joan Crawford and the late Princess Diana who was depressed and suffering from personal insecurity. 

For better management of mental health, he recommended the GSS principle to those who suffer from depression: It’s not the Great Singapore Sale but Guidance, Security and Support.

Dietician Ms Joyce Tan talked about what constitutes a healthy and balanced diet and how to make healthier food choices. She spoke about food groups, and how we should try to take more fibre in the form of two servings of vegetable and fruits each.

Ms Tan had some bad news. She said two small seeds of durians is equivalent to one serving of our daily fruit requirement and we should not take more than that at any one time. The audience groaned.

The last speaker was fitness instructor, Mr Melvin Fu, who showed up in his gym outfit of t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. He brought the participants to their feet to join him for some on-the-spot exercise.

Mr Fu got on to the chair and demonstrated several simple exercises to keep our different muscle groups toned: squats, pull ups, sit-ups, and push-ups.

According to him, these are also functional actions we go through in our daily routines. As for how much exercise is considered adequate, his advice was to begin with the level that each individual is capable of and comfortable with.

The reception after the health forum was the highlight. With bee hoon, mutton, fried mushrooms, and all sorts of baked goodies to go with coffee and tea, what the doctors and dietician just advised was momentarily forgotten.

The women participants went home with a beautifully packed door gift consisted of facial soap, feminine wash, calcium supplement, etc. Even the men were presented with a little something – calcium supplements.

More event photos at SDP’s facebook album.

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