Welcome to a brand new SDP website

Singapore Democrats

Dear friends, as promised the Singapore Democrats are launching this new and exciting website that promises to bring you more news and analysis about our party and national issues. It marks another exciting milestone in our party’s development.$CUT$

We started off with our humble Classic I website more than 10 years ago. As more courageous Singaporeans stepped forward to join us, our capability grew. Today, we are proud to unveil this brand new site.

Not only have we improved the aesthetics but we have also streamlined the various features and sections to make navigation of the site even more rewarding.

Of course, we still have our main news section where we update our readers on major political developments and other exciting news.

We also want to bring to your attention an additional feature called Perspectives where we post opinion pieces from our members and associates.

As you may know, the SDP has had many professionals joining our ranks in the recent past and many of them are keen in contributing to the political discourse and to raise the level of politics in this country. This section is a manifestation of that enthusiasm. As such, the articles in this section are more thoughtful and in-depth in their content, reflecting the intellectual tenor of this party.

The SDP has become synonymous with “alternatives” because of the policy papers we publish. These publications expose the many weaknesses and folly of the PAP’s policies, and offer realistic and workable solutions in their place. We highlight them in Our Alternativessection and we invite Singaporeans to acquaint yourselves with the alternative of a more caring, more equal and more just Singapore.

As you can see, we have also made our Get Involved feature prominent because we would very much like to see our fellow Singaporeans get more involved in the great dream to build a better and democratic nation that we all long for and deserve.

We have also introduced a section, Your Say, where we post your letters. In the course of our work, we receive many emails from our readers regarding a wide range of issues. We will share them with our readership where appropriate. It goes without saying that the views of the writers remain theirs and theirs alone.

And to provide a bit of levity, we will post light-hearted material and cartoons from time to time on the Wall that will surely make you break into a smile. Our announcements of events will also be posted here.

And, of course, please click on the Donate button and do your part. The SDP has grown in no small measure because of the generous financial support that many Singaporeans have given – and continue to give. But we need even greater support to become the party that you want us to be – competent, constructive and compassionate and ready to take on the PAP at the next elections whenever that might be.

Of course, there maybe kinks and errors that need to be sorted out in this site. If you do come across any of them, please let us know at sdp@yoursdp.org. Even if you don’t just drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you.

We will leave you to check out the site and we hope you will enjoy it. Tell your family and friends about us. As always, thank you for your support and remember, the SDP has your back. We hope you have ours.

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