SDP website goes mobile

Singapore Democrats

It’s been a long time coming but we are launching our mobile application with this new website. Now our readers can read this site on their mobile phones. Busy Singaporeans on the go can check out the SDP’s news, discussions and announcements.$CUT$

You can even scan our QR code on the right column of this website with your mobile phone’s QR Reader and instantly get the site on your phone.

The SDP has kept up with rapidly advancing technology and ensured that we remain at the edge of change. We do this because communication is the key and we are determined to break the PAP’s stranglehold of information in Singapore by using the New Media to interact with Singaporeans directly

Because of our online effort, we became the most improved party at the 2011 general elections. Our push into the new era of modern communications will gain even more traction as an increased number of Singaporeans savvy with new technology join the electorate.

The Information Age has taken a revolutionary turn and Singaporeans want their information simple and concise, easily available at the touch of a button. We understand this need and are ready to make it easier for Singaporeans to access and digest such information.

Starting with this mobile version of our website, we will stay ahead of the curve and be the competent party that you want to see in the opposition.

So bookmark this website on your mobile and visit us frequently as we update you on a daily basis. We’ll bring you news and reports, and give you analyses of current affairs and PAP policies. Remember, knowledge is power and we want Singaporeans to have more of it.

So tell all your friends and join the growing number of informed and interested Singaporeans who are increasingly plugged in to the Singapore Democrats. Come on in. Get democracy.

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