Vice activities in Peninsula-Excelsior Shopping Centre

Dear Sir,

There are many rented shop units in Peninsula-Excelsior Shopping Centre. Within 6 months, there are an increase of four of these kind of beauty salon. Their renovations are very simple. These rental units are small, operating under different spa names but many Chinese therapists moving from one unit to the other.

When there a client is inside the unit, the main entrance is locked with the sign “open” on it. This is how they perform their sexual activities. When there is no client, they will open the door with the therapist come out to seduce the customers.

I do not understand how they obtain their casetrust with this immoral activity background.

This building is so called a chicken farm or dirty hotel by many tenants of legal business now.

The owners of these units should know about their legal liabilities renting their units to run as a prostitute house, or are they part of the business, too?

The anti-vice department is not doing enough to stop such vice activities in this building. More and more of these so called chicken farms are found with sex services provided by Chinese ladies. Broad daylight prostitution in a commercial building.

Arrest these Chinese prostitutes and send them back and bar them from coming to Singapore. They are making big money to bring back to China without paying taxes in Singapore.

Do they have a licence to operate such a business? Even their business signboard says is for beauty and nail, but they are actually providing sexual services, and another new prostitution shop is on the way to open in this commercial building.

I always think Singapore is a green and clean country, but now with all these board daylight prostitution in commercial buildings. It spoilt the reputation of our country.


c.c. Ministry of Home Affairs

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