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Dr Chee Soon Juanhas written a new book titled Democratically Speaking which deals with various subjects including Singapore’s politicaleconomy, the need for dissent in the country, and the dangers of thelack of the rule of law.$CUT$

The book will be launched on 5 August, Sunday at The Substation starting at 3pm.

Dr Chee’s latest publication alsocontains letters, speeches and legal submissions that he haswritten over the years. It is the eighth book that the SDPsecretary-general has written.

DemocraticallySpeaking consists of 16 chapters clustered around four parts. Part 1talks about the future of our economy and the PAP Government’s push into the world of high-finance and our becoming a taxhaven.

Part 2 relates howSingaporeans have been forced into accepting the future direction ofour political economy. It details the importance of dissent andpoints out how we, as a people, can go about reclaiming our politicalrights and civil liberties.

Such an effort, however,needs the rule of law. Part 3 of the book discusses the concept of the rule of law. It also demonstrates how the Government has decimated the practice of the rule of law in Singapore and explains the needfor the Judiciary to ensure the robust adherence to the principleand, so doing, protect the fundamental freedoms of the Singaporeanpeople.

Part 4 includes themany missives, articles, interviews and speeches that Dr Chee gave inthe past – from the early years of his political involvement to thepresent.

Below is anexcerpt from one of the chapters:

Apart from Mayan eschatology, 2012 isalso significant—for me, at least—in another respect. It marksthe 20th anniversary of my involvement in politics, or moreaccurately, in the struggle for freedom in Singapore.

During theperiod, I have raised a plethora of issues—from the high-profile tothe more obscure, crossed swords with the rulers of this country andpartaken of significant political events in Singapore. I hope that Ihave been able to influence, to whatever degree, Singapore’spolitics; it certainly has influenced me.

Through it all, one word has alwaysoccupied the centre of my political work. Indeed, it is more than aword. It is a belief, a way of life that has eluded this nation andher people. It is a goal to which I have dedicated my life toachieving. That word, that belief, that goal is democracy.

I admit that democracy is not a subjectthat lends itself to urgent attention in a society preoccupied withmaterial riches. But I can no longer wait to warn the people of thedangers that lie ahead than can society afford not to pay attention.Unfortunately, by the time the situation turns so dire, we may ruethe lost opportunity to defend our political rights and ourselves.

There is much that we can do to changecourse and we must apply ourselves with urgency. For this reason, asunattractive and as unenviable as the task maybe, the effort to rousethe nation from its political slumber must continue. This book, asummary of all that I have been saying and doing for the last twodecades, is my contribution to that effort.

Event: Launch of Democratically Speaking
Date: 5 August 2012, Sunday
Time: 3-5pm
Venue: The Substation Theatre, 45 Armenian Street, S 179936
Prices: $30 (paperback); $50 (hardcover)

Buy: Democratically Speaking is available for online purchases here.

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