Poverty pervasive in Singapore – more video evidence

Singapore Democrats

In case anyone thinks that the video of an elderly couple that we posted yesterday is oneof those rare incidents that even the best of systems cannot prevent, wepresent another video that was recorded at the same time the elderlycouple was making their arduous journey home.$CUT$

In the short span of about half-an-hourand in the immediate vicinity were several instances of poor peoplecollecting cardboard and rummaging through dumpsters. How manymore are suffering such circumstances?

It is important that Singaporeansrealise the extent of the problem of poverty and income inequality inour country.

The SDP continues to focus on this matterbecause it is the PAP’s policies that have caused such imbalance insociety and misery for many in the lower-income group.

While the PAP lavishes its attention onthe super-rich, Ministers included, giving them huge tax breaks likeabolishing the GST for the purchase of investment-grade gold, itrefuses to do the same for basic everyday necessities that the poordepend on for survival.

People like those shown in the videobelow live under the crushing burden of poverty because ofunthinking and uncaring policies of the PAP.

While it is important that we helpthose in need, it is equally important that we work to change thepolicies that bring about such misery. When we are trying to dry thefloor, it helps to turn off the tap first.

This is why the Singapore Democratspropose increased spending for the needy in our Shadow Budget, thisis why our panel of medical professionals drew up the SDP NationalHealthcare Plan and this is why we are working hard on our housing,economic and education alternative policy papers. We must level upsociety.

But reforming the current systemremains a huge undertaking and we need all the support from you, ourfellow citizens, to achieve success. Join us, volunteer, donate tothe cause. Support the one party that stands up and speaks out forour people. With your support, we can make our vision of a morejust, more equal and more caring Singapore a reality.

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