Guess who Mdm Lim was working for

Singapore Democrats

We reported here that an elderly couple (‘the Lims’) was forced to walk home after they paid the polyclinic fees and were left without money for transportation. When SDP members subsequently visited her at home, Mdm Lim revealed that she had worked for $CUT$

…the PAP! And for 40 years. (Watch video below)

Mdm Lim told us that she worked as a cleaner at two PAP kindergartens: Kim Keat and Macpherson. She added that she had received several prizes for her service.

This is how the PAP treats its former employees – like tissue paper, discarded after use. It is shameful.

It is, however, not surprising given that the PAP Government treats elderly Singaporeans in a similar manner (except their own “retired” ministers, of course, who were, while receiving their huge salaries, also drawing their pensions).

Not only does the PAP’s healthcare system not provide easily accessible medical care for Mdm Lim and her husband, it squeezes every cent from them.

And not only does it not provide social security for them, it withholds their CPF even though the couple are in their twilight years and desperately need their retirement savings for everyday use.

This is a heartless ruling party that cares more about itself than the people, one who uses the people to build up its own power and glory, and then discards us after we are no longer useful.

The Singapore Democrats are continuing to follow-up with the Lims. We welcome assistance from our fellow Singaporeans. If you wish to make a donation to the elder couple, please email us at:

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