Money talks

Frederique Soh

There I was, sitting in yet another Party Organising Department meeting, or POD as we call it, and the topic comes back to fundraising. Funds, funds, funds. It’s all about the money. Seriously. We spend a lot of time figuring out where to get enough money to keep the party moving ahead.

There are the overheads to consider such as rent and utilities. And then there are all the activities and community outreach programmes which also need to be funded.

Unfortunately in Singapore, we don’t have a culture for political donations. The general population has been indoctrinated that we shouldn’t meddle in political affairs, and that one gets into trouble if one becomes involved in politics.

Yes, people are still afraid. Many Singaporeans are still reluctant to be associated with an opposition party lest they get into trouble. Hence, the uphill task for political parties to seek financial support from the people.

And then there are the election costs! Money is needed from everything from nomination fees to the printing of flyers and posters to the staging of the rallies (and everything that comes with it: booths, tents, transportation, perambulators, food, sound system, lighting equipment and the list goes on). And these are just during the elections!

If you are a party like the SDP where we are active even during non-election periods – when we are still pushing ahead with our ground work, walkabouts, and block parties for residents; organising events like our annual Futsal Tournament, Healthcare Plan Launch, Women’s Health Talk, Mayday Rally, videos, just to name a few; and conducting the social work cases to help the underprivileged in our society – funding is critical.

Already party members contribute a lot to the party kitty which helps pay for the basic expenses. But we need to do more than exist, we need to expand, reach out to even more Singaporeans, and get even better at what we have been doing.

Without support from the people, we cannot sustain our effort.

So instead of being a keyboard warrior or activist, I invite you to do something concrete, give a donation to the SDP. Just a few clicks from your keyboard will help tremendously.

Monthly contributions will go a long way to helping the cause. If you seek the change in our country then contribute! No amount is too small. Please give so that someone like me, a party member can carry out the many plans and projects we have lined up.

I’m willing to give up my time and energy to serving the cause and help my fellow citizens who need a helping hand. My fellow Democrats and I are able and willing to continue this on your behalf, with your support.

So get clicking now! Here.

Frederique Soh is a member of The Women Democrats.

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