Don’t buy medals

Dear SDP,

I’m pure singaporean and work in Chengdu, China.

I was with a group of Chinese (local) friends and colleagues watching the Olympics on 1/8/12. We were watching the table tennis of our “Feng T W” beating the Japanese girl and “Feng T W” won the bronze. Inside of me was feeling a little proud of it UNTIL the commentator said, ” she was from HeiLongjiang and came to Singapore in 2007 to help Singapore win medals.

What was worst was when a local friend mentioned during the medals awarding ceremony, “Actually China wins all the medals including the bronze, because she was from China. Each country can only send two participants, so Singapore helps to win all 3 for China”.

I was dumb founded and felt very embarrassed. I had to make an excuse to leave. What our smart alex ministers think of getting medals had made a shame for us, those who work overseas, and the ones foreigners think are the smart and capable type. I dare not speak about the Olympic or the bronze “teng” had won the next day I went to my office.

Let’s be true to ourselves.

I support the SDP healthcare plan.