Winning seats in next election

Dear Dr Chee,

With all due respect, I would very much like to see your party succeed in winning more seats in the next election.

To achieve that goal, you have to recruit and train more qualified and educated people, not any Tom, Dick or Harry just to fill up the spot that will only spoil the image of your party.

I believe more and more Singaporean, especially the middle class, are having difficulties coping up with the standard of living in Singapore.

I believe, with good and capable candidate you will not have a problem in winning the peoples vote. Recruitment and training starts NOW.

I really look up to you as the peoples’ voice and leader. We are desperate for a change, we need more people of your caliber in your party, someone who can stand up for us.

Personally for me things are getting from bad to worst.

Before I end this I’d like you to know that you are MY

Thank you for going through my message.



Najib K.S.

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