Train delays again and again

Mr Lui Tuck Yew,

This is the third time I am emailing you and the third time the NEL is experiencing a delay. And when I reached Dhoby Ghaut, I have to put up with yet another delay too with long queues on the platform.

My last two emails have fallen on deaf ears as you and your fellow ministers go about your own business of collecting your million dollar salary, while we public transport users are at the mercy of the most incompetent PTOs we have ever witnessed.

I find it very strange that NEL delays are now happening on a very regular basis and that this always happens during peak hours causing the crowd to swell at the platforms.

Since 2 years ago, I had been writing to you to notify you of the deteriorating service standards of NEL and my emails have fallen on deaf ears with you even asking your LTA engineer to email me that he only observed “some overcrowding” and that there was space at the front and rear carriages. Now, all of you rich elites and ministers obviously do not bother and whatever changes you make are obviously cosmetic designed to help you hold on to power and your million dollar jobs.

So now you have appointed yet another army general, this time to SMRT CEO position. What a joke!

We are honestly beginning to look like the Burmese military junta.

For a country that claims to be “world class”, I am utterly ashamed and for continuing to allow all the foreigners from India, China and the Philippines to flood this country.

Bryan Ong