SDP invites Health Minister for national conversation

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Dr Wong Wee Nam has invited Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong to discuss the healthcare system with the SDP healthcare panel as part of the “national conversation”. $CUT$

Many Singaporeans have been critical of the healthcare system in Singapore. It is opportune for an earnest dialogue on the subject.

14 August 2012

To: Mr Gan Kim Yong
      Minister for Health

Dear Mr Gan Kim Yong,

In his National Day Message, our Prime Minister has said that the Government will engage Singaporeans in review of policies and build abroad consensus on the way forward. He has also asked for our support in this exercise.

His call for all of us to work together so that our children can alwaysfind hope of a better future, an inclusive society with a heart, and thebest home for ourselves and our families should certainly be supported by all of us who have our country at heart.

This message has recently created a new buzz phrase, “National Conversation”.

Though it has been claimed that our healthcare system provides every Singaporean with goodquality and affordable care, we do not think it is good enough.

We do not know if you have read the SDP National Health Care Plan that the we drafted. If you haven’t, you may read it here:

After you have read it, and if you feel that we should have a “conversation”, we could meet up to share our ideas together. We certainly would like to know more about your ministry’s Health Vision 2020 so that together, we could come out with a better plan for our people.

If you feel that we should have a conversation, please try and arrange a meeting on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon as a number of our doctors still work on weekend mornings.

We really hope to hear from you and hope you are positive about this dialogue.

With warmest regards,

Wong Wee Nam
for SDP Healthcare Advisory Panel

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