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In this crucial period of unprecedented changes to the population that the Government is imposing on the country through its immigration policy, questions are being asked if foreigners are being brought in to replace locals. (Photo: Mendaki Community Leaders’ Forum 2010 at NUS)$CUT$

But statistics show that while ethnic Chinese and Indian groups are growing, the Malay sub-population is not. In fact, the percentage of Malays in Singapore has shrunk from 15 percent in the 1970s to 13.5 percent presently.

This is due to the influx of Chinese and Indian nationals into Singapore which has eroded the Singaporean identity and culture of which the Malay heritage has been an integral part. There is even talk about changing our national anthem to another language.

In addition, policies regarding the defence of our nation have long discriminated against the Malays. For example, Singaporeans who are Malays are barred from serving in senior positions of the army or allowed to be pilots in our Air Force.

On the economic front, the Malay community continues to lag behind and the wide income disparity affects Malays more than other ethnic groups.

The education system, abetted by the economic situation, puts Malays at a disadvantage. This starts at the pre-school level which has a huge impact on subsequent development at the primary and secondary school levels.The overall situation is exacerbated by former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s bigoted views about Malays in Singapore.

These developments have caused great unhappiness in Singapore’s Malay community. Yet, PAP Malay Minsters and MPs have done little to address these problems.

The SDP is concerned that left unaddressed, this unhappiness will grow and cause friction in society and divide Singaporeans. This is not a Malay problem or a Chinese or Indian problem – it is a Singaporean problem that requires the attention of all Singaporeans.

The Singapore Democrats believe that Singaporeans must speak up for one another whenever our collective interests and rights are threatened.

This is the reason for the upcoming public forum titled
The future of Singapore – Do Malays have a part? that the SDP is organising on 8 September 2012 from 2pm-5pm at Bras Basah Complex.

Among the subjects that will be discussed are economic, social and cultural policies that will determine the future and make-up of Singapore. The matter goes to the very heart of what Singapore is and, more importantly, what it will be in the future.

So whichever ethnic group you belong to, come and participate in this ground-breaking event and tell us what it really means to be Singaporean and how we can build a truly multi-racial, multi-cultural Singaporean Singapore. The forum will be conducted in Malay and English.

Public Forum
: The future of Singapore – do Malays have a part?

Date: 8 September 2012, Saturday

Time: 2pm – 5 pm

Venue: Bras Basah Complex, Action Room, #04-41
Location map

All are welcome.

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