Block Party at Ghim Moh

Singapore Democrats

Membersof the SDP were on hand to greet Ghim Moh residents at our latestBlock Party on Sunday.$CUT$

 Streams of shoppers and folks having theirmorning breakfast mingled with party members for arelaxing Sunday get-together.

The Block Parties are part of the SDP’s on-going groundwork to get to know the constituents and for them to be acquainted with us and the work that we do.

Manyof the residents chatted with us, several of whom were critical of the Residents’ Committee whom they felt were using state resources to do the work for the PAP MPs. Others wanted to know about the party and what we were up to.

They weregreeted with snacks and coffee, accompanied by The New Democrat whichexplained the SDP Healthcare Plan and why the current healthcaresystem needed reform.

As residents chatted, the inevitableissue of cost of living cropped up. Many expressed their unhappinessas inflation continued to outstrip wages.

They said that PUB rates and transportation fares were also items that placed a burden on their already stressful livelihoods.

A few residents enquired about Dr Vincent Wijeysingha and Dr Ang Yong Guan who stood there as candidates in the last GE.

Some also wanted to get Dr Chee Soon Juan’s latest book Democratically Speaking.    
The little ones were more interested in Danny, stopping by to pose for pictures with the Democracy Bear and picking balloons that he gave away.

While the Singapore Democrats continue our effort in coming up with alternative policy proposals, our Ground Operations and Community Services Units are keeping up with our pledge to step up our ground campaign as we build towards GE2016.

See more event photos at SDP’s photo gallery or facebook photo album.

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