Frustration of a Malay Singaporean

Dear SDP,

May I know the process of conveying messages (or request, suggestions) from the public to the government, especially to the Minister in charge of the Muslim affairs?

How often does he do it? Did he actually bring it up to the cabinet, or simply give a deaf ear? If he really does it, are there any documentations or proofs?

The reason I asked this is because after 47 years of independence, certain things don’t seem to change at all.

The Malays in Singapore are still not allowed to be involved in the navy or air force. There are very few top civil servants, except 1 cabinet Ministers, and there are many more such examples.

Our numbers are declining rapidly. Do the Filipinos regarded as Malay by our govt, too? Even if they are, our numbers are far more smaller than before the influx of foreigners, including those from China and India as majority among them.


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