SDP in retreat

Singapore Democrats

Incredible but true! The Singapore Democrats were in full retreat mode last weekend. But it was not the kind our opponents want to see. We had gathered for our annual get-away weekend to re-group and re-charge.$CUT$

Members were holed up at a chalet resort for a bit of R&R and to get away from our hectic schedule of party work. It was a time to come together to strengthen the esprit de corps among party activists.   

There were also training sessions throughout the retreat. The workshops are part of our programme of constant evaluation of our work and to get better at what we are doing. Session topics centred on a few issues: fund-raising, communications and organisational development. 

As we strive to win greater support from our fellow citizens, we need to constantly remind ourselves that our best and most effective service lies ahead.

It is this relentless drive towards greater professionalism and competence that we believe will get us into parliament and prepare us for eventual governance of Singapore.

Our belief is that in order to lead, we must first learn to serve. For leadership is not about telling others what to do but enabling them to do what they want to do. It is about empowering the people.

This is the type of leadership that the SDP aspires to, one that listens instead of lectures, educates instead of inhibits, and persuades instead of punishes.

We believe that a different type of political leadership is needed in Singapore that will bring out the full potential of Singaporeans and cultivate a genuine love for our country and people.

This retreat is another step to helping the Singapore Democrats develop that kind of leadership.

Of course, it was not all work. We had a great BBQ with our families joining us to cap off a long day of discussions. Animated conversations carried on into the wee hours while our more diurnal members crashed on mattresses, sofas and just about anything fluffy they could lay their hands (and heads) on.

The second day started off with a hearty breakfast consisting of what’s what in the Singaporean morning makan menu: yu char kuay, fried been hoon, nasi lemak and tau huay chwee.

The SDP has organised annual party retreats since 2009 except last year when we had the general elections and the party has benefited richly from these occasions.

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