They have the power, we have the people

Singapore Democrats

My friends,

Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong may have wielded much power when they they held office. They probably still do. The power they possess is formal power backed by force when necessary. They also have the mass media on their side. $CUT$

But we, the Singapore Democrats, have something infinitely more powerful. We have you, the people.

And because we have this power – a power that if wielded not with cunning but compassion, not with deceit but democratic deliberation – we are a force for good, a force that is unstoppable.

This force can be demonstrated with my trying to raise $30,000 to pay Mr Lee and Mr Goh. If Singaporeans pitch in and everyone does a small part, I can quickly pay off my creditors and this will show how intensely Singaporeans want to develop a democratic party that can overcome an authoritarian one.

I’ll be in various parts of Singapore selling my book Democratically Speaking over the next several days (I’ll announce the location and time on my Facebook) and I hope that you will come and support the cause.

Tell your family and friends what I am doing and come down to get a copy of my book. Or make a donation (see below for information on how to donate).

The faster I raise the funds, the faster I can pay Mr Lee and Mr Goh, and the faster I can get back to work to help the SDP prepare for the next general elections.

Never in the history of Singapore has an opposition party attracted so many professionals and intellectuals dedicated to crafting an alternative programme and vision for the people:

We are currently finalising our housing policy where we will propose ways on how to lower HDB prices.

We have developed a healthcare plan that makes our healthcare system universal, affordable and sustainable.

We have shown how we can more astutely allocate our national expenditure to produce sustainable economic growth in our Shadow Budgets.  

We are in the midst of studying and drawing up policy positions on education and the economy, and we will start work soon on problems our Malay community faces and issues our arts sector is confronted with.

We are working hard to get better in what we do so that Singaporeans, come GE 2016, can have a real choice of who they want to govern Singapore and take the country forward.

I want to focus all my attention and energy into doing this important work, and the sooner I pay my creditors, the sooner I can get back to doing it. My fellow Singaporeans, you can help. Buy a copy of Democratically Speaking or make a donation.

You have the power. Use it.

Chee Soon Juan    

Discharge CSJ Fund
How to Donate?

1. Paypal:  online transactions

2. Bank transfer or deposit

Account Name: Huang Chih Mei
Bank Name: United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)
Account No: 314-106-026-9 (savings account)
Bank Address: UOB Ltd, Thomson Branch, 251/253 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574376
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG

(Note: No ATM card required if you use a UOB cash deposit machine)

3. Cheque

You can write a cheque made payable to Huang Chih Mei and mail it to 12A Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578192.

4. Others

If none of the above methods works for you, please call Ms Mansura, SDP’s Secretariat Manager, at  645-645-32 or email us at

5. Buy books online

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