SDP organises roundtable to discuss National Conversation

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats are organising a public forum and inviting all opposition parties to speak on the issue of the National Conversation conducted by the Government.$CUT$

The PAP has appointed a 26-member committee which excludes the opposition. This is unfortunate as a national conversation should include all sectors of society which the political opposition is a part.

The forum, entitled National Conversation: An Opposition Roundtable, will be an opportunity for opposition parties to respond collectively to the exclusion and to lay out the role of the opposition in Singapore’s future.

It will be held on 29 September 2012, Saturday, at the Quality Hotel, Diamond Room from 2pm-5pm.

We have invited the various opposition parties to speak at the event: National Solidarity Party, Reform Party, Singapore Democratic Alliance, Singapore People’s Party, and Workers’ Party.

In the past, the SDP has organised forums and invited opposition parties to participate. In 2010, we invited parties to work on opposition unity. In 2009, we held a discussion Opposition – Where To? to talk about cooperation in anticipation of GE 2011. In 2008, we organised Reform of the Election System in Singapore to see how opposition parties can cooperate to institute electoral reform.  

13 September 2012

Sebastian Teo
National Solidarity Party

Kenneth Jeyaretnam
Reform Party

Desmond Lim
Singapore Democratic Alliance

Lina Loh NCMP
Singapore People’s Party

Sylvia Lim MP
Workers’ Party

Dear Sir/Madam,

The PAP Government has announced that it will conduct a National Conversation but has not included opposition parties in the 26-member committee appointed to spearhead it.

This is unfortunate as a national conversation should include the nation’s opposition. As such, the Singapore Democratic Party is organising a public forum titled National Conversation: An Opposition Roundtable to discuss the future of our nation and the role a loyal opposition plays.

It is my honour to invite you to speak at the forum which we have scheduled for 29 September 2012, Saturday, from 2-5pm at the Quality Hotel. I am also inviting the other opposition parties to participate in this important event. If you are unavailable, I would be grateful if you could send a representative in your stead.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Jufrie Mahmood
Singapore Democratic Party

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