A party that never rests

Singapore Democrats

We promised Singaporeans right after the last general elections that we would work even harder to become the party for Singapore. We meant it then and mean it now.$CUT$

Even though elections are still years away, we have been on the ground since last year and today we continued our ground campaign to reach out to Singaporeans for their support on our Sunday walkabout at Tanglin Halt, Ghim Moh, Buona Vista, Clementi, and Bukit Timah estates.

Specifically, we were spreading the news of our National Health Plan which gives Singaporeans – for the first time in our nation’s history – a real and better alternative healthcare system.

And the people seemed to be genuinely interested in the plan judging from the way they were poring through The New Democrat which features prominently details of the Plan including a point for point comparison between the PAP’s Medisave, Medifund and Medishield system with the SDP’s National Health Investment Fund.

We realise that if we aspire to take over as ruling party and govern Singapore we must be a party that is not only is good at campaigning on the ground but we must have the intellectual capacity to offer a comprehensive policy road map that is better and more innovative than the PAP’s, one that puts Singaporeans first.

Not only are our Ground Ops team diligently coordinating our groundwork and out Policy Unit drawing our position papers, we also have a Communications Unit that is constantly looking for more effective ways to bring our message across to the electorate.

Not to be outdone, the Training & Development group keeps the party’s capacity-building capability in optimal condition so that we develop the potential of our leaders and members. (See SDP organises Party Retreat)

These various Units, including our Fund-raising and Community Services teams) were formed right after the last GE and they work together to build a party ready for 2016.

As hard as we are working, we are still reaching only a limited section of Singaporeans because the mass media still refuses to report fairly about the activities of the SDP.

To make sure that our news and hard work spreads to all Singaporeans we call on you, our friends and supporters, to help us disseminate this information and tell people of the party that never rests.

More walkabout photos at SDP’s photo gallery or facebook photo album

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