Target of $30,000 reached in record time

Singapore Democrats

The Discharge CSJ Fund has announced that it has managed to raise the $30,000 to clear Dr Chee Soon Juan’s bankruptcy. Not only has the target been reached but it was achieved in record time – 10 days!$CUT$

The campaign started in earnest on 11 September 2012 when it was announced that Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong would accept the $30,000 Dr Chee had offered to annul his bankruptcy order.

The Discharge CSJ Fund website was set up to sell Dr Chee’s latest book Democratically Speaking to raise the money and to appeal for donations. The campaign took off and in a week-and-a-half raised the required amount.

The outcome signals the intense desire of Singaporeans wanting to see the democratic movement in Singapore accelerate and they want to help clear Dr Chee’s bankruptcy.

“I want to thank everyone who chipped in. It was a stunning success and it was the effort of the people who showed that they wanted to write the story of Singapore’s Democracy,” said Dr Chee.  

Just a few weeks ago, Singaporeans would have laughed it off if they were told that Dr Chee would be able to get out of his bankruptcy and stand for the elections in 2016.

But with the changed mood and communication through social media, politics in Singapore has undergone a transformation. The breathtaking speed at which the funds were raised is a manifestation of this change.

Dr Chee has been hitting the streets and selling his book to raise the funds and he credits Singaporeans for the turnaround.

“This campaign is not about me, it has never been,” the SDP secretary-General said. “It is about the people of Singapore and their desire for a democratic voice. To this end, I look forward to leading the SDP in the next elections and bring the people’s voices into parliament.”

Now that Singaporeans have tasted that their efforts can change the course of politics in this country, they are encouraged and they want to do more. This development is another demonstration of a people awakened. And they will not be denied.   

Dr Chee will make the necessary arrangements to remit the money to the Official Assignee this week. Mr Lee and Mr Goh will upon receiving the money take a formal vote to accept the amount whereupon the OA will then annul the bankruptcy order.

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