Can you spot Danny in this music video?

Singapore Democrats

A local youth hip-hop group calling themselves “Josey” produced this video titled “7AM” in Chinese about once being young and still loving to dream. The social commentary video was posted on YouTube with this description (translation):$CUT$

In our childhood, we hear grown-ups reminisce over their past

Most of the stories are about either their glorious deeds or the missed opportunities

Now, my friends and I start to talk about things such as, “If we had…, only if…, had I known

Like a mantra, as if we could have gotten something back from our younger days

Maybe we are trying to recover those distant memories, our reckless feelings

fearless years, and the immense joy whenever the school dismissal bell rang

This just confirms what we’ve always cared most
in our minds

Otherwise we would not mention them so often

Let me wake you up with this song the road we traveled together

Awaken the child inside the heart of everyone

Together, let
us once again believe in the moment

Recklessly without the fear of remaining idealistic and embracing the dream

We never really graduated

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