Mid-Autumn Festival Block Party at Tanglin Halt

 Singapore Democrats

The SDP celebrated this year’s mid-Autumn Festival with residents at Tanglin Halt on Sunday, 30 September 2012, where a record number of more than 40 people turned up.$CUT$

Add to this number excited children who hi-fived Danny the Democracy Bear and picked out mini-moon cakes and you have the makings of an SDP Block (buster) Party.

As before, members of the Party’s Ground Ops and Community Services teams had distributed flyers to the blocks in the surrounding area a few days before. 

Lanterns, balloons and the mooncakes added to the festive atmosphere. Residents of the Tanjong Pagar GRC were relaxed as they mingled and chatted with Party members.

The good turnout occurred despite the lantern festival organised by the People’s Association the night before. 

There was also substantive conversation. Some of the residents were clearly interested in the SDP’s alternative policies such as healthcare and housing.

It was a opportune time to explain and elaborate on our proposals for a universal, affordable and sustainable healthcare system.

Several of our guests came away with a better understanding of our plan and expressed support for it.

These block parties are organised in addition to the walkabouts that the part conducts regularly.

While our walkabouts help us reach out to more people, the block parties enable us more in-depth and quality interaction with residents.

We started the block parties soon after the elections last year and have concentrated on constituencies we contested in the GE and in Tanjong Pagar GRC where we intend to field a team in 2016.

We call on residents in the constituencies, in particular, and Singaporeans, in general, to join us or volunteer with us so that we can expand our grassroots work in the run-up to the next elections. To sign up, please click here or email us at: sdp@yoursdp.org.

More event photos at SDP’s photo gallery or facebook album.

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