Revising xenophilia

Prime Minister Lee,

The recent two reported cases of non Singaporeans, Amy Cheong and Alvin Tan Jye Yee have demonstrated to both domestic and international audiences how the policies, with regards to foreigners, of the government under your party are rightfully and justifiably regarded as spiteful.

The pro foreign ‘talent’ and xenophilic official attitude have been pampering strangers from granting them ease of access to residency and property, equal if not more economic opportunities, be it  business or employment to granting generous funds and scholarships while depriving and denying local born citizens of these very privileges and benefits through sheer economic inflation and loss of opportunities. Yet, after extracting all the advantages and when things go awry, these strangers can simply run off to their motherland. Some leave quietly but some have gone on to mock and condemn, rather openly, the moral rectitude of the policies of which had favoured them as the beneficiaries. The result is tantamount to a double slap of betrayal on the dignity and reputation of the country and all at the expense of the pioneer citizens.  However they cannot be entirely blamed because the welcome and invitation were extended to them.

The xenophile may argue that there are foreigners who bring good.  We know the truism, only time, and so clearly proven in these two cases, can tell. The zealous red carpet treatment of foreigners has been going for too long and thus must be put categorically to a stop.

Enough has been said and discussed about the waywardness and misguidance of the present official stance towards foreigners and new citizens. Your office knows all too well the resentment on the ground.

I have no doubts that  many of our fellow citizens including the more ethical and loyal members of the cabinet and parliament will insist that the Singapore government stay true to the spirit of the expressed ideals of our forefathers in the National Pledge. To this, your office is exhorted to cease all pro foreigner activities and policies and focus on improving the lives of our own local born citizens, first and foremost.

Please do not fail in your duty as the Prime Minister and a member of society to make us proud of the country and its leaders again.

Tang Poh Hin

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