Afternoon of competition and fun

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats held its 2nd Futsal Tournament yesterday and saw a new team, who called themselves Unknowns, crowned as champions. They received the top prize of $300 and the SDP Challenge Trophy.$CUT$

The first runner-up, That Team, (pictured with the champions below) walked away with $200.

A total of 13 teams took part in the competition. The afternoon started off with the teams randomly placed in two groups, playing a round-robin format. The top two teams in each group qualified for the semi-finals.

Each match lasted 10 minutes and was played by six players in each side. The pace of the games was fast and furious which required deft touches and close control of the ball.

After more than four hours of back-to-back matches played on two pitches, Unknowns and That Team reached the finals. The teams played to a 2-2 draw and required a penalty shoot-out to determine the winner. Unknowns eventually won the match and tournament. 

As with last year’s competition, there were moments when passions ran high and the players engaged in heated verbal exchanges, reflecting the intensity of the matches. But these disputes were quickly resolved and good sportmanship ultimately prevailed.

Opposition parties were also invited to play. The PKMS, SPP and WP sent teams and played gallantly but, with the exception of the PKMS team, were no match for the other teams.

Still, the opposition parties took part in the tournament in the spirit of fun. Even Mr Chaim See Tong and Mrs Lina Chiam, NCMP, were present to cheer their team (pictured with Mr Andrew Loh of

The SDP wishes to thank the parties for their participation.

The photograph above shows the members and friends of the various parties posing for a group shot (WP in blue, SPP in white, PKMS in black and SDP in red). For the record, PAP was also invited but did not reply.

The competition was dominated by young players in their teens and early 20s. They seemed grateful for the opportunity to play with the opposition parties. One of the objectives of the tournament is to raise awareness of youths in current affairs and national issues.

The event was organised by the Young Democrats, Mr Clarence Zeng, who ran a successful event even though this was his first tournament as coordinator.

More event photos at SDP’s photo gallery or facebook album.

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