ODD housing susbsidy for special luxurious living EC/EM/DBSS


Appreciate if some key query could be raised in the next GE for a decent deserve reply to be given on WHY SHOULD our PUBLIC FUNDS be used to subsidize the purchase of luxury Executive Condo? Noticed each unit will be given a HUGE mind boggling and glaring 30K GRANT during this global economy bleak time since 2008 last Quarter?!

Further, seems that NO $40-50K RESALE LEVY will be imposed on second timers, but ironically for those who have a need to downgrade would be slap very hash with it even if it is for health reason.

Well It is known that E Condo are consider higher income earner’s preferred choice of unique EXCLUSIVE HIGH CLASS COMFORT dwelling place as they come with special luxurious features e.g. spa, suana, huge 100m pools etc.

So EC is the choice of  these group higher income earners who have to means to finance or invest or upgrade to it, then WHY should the majority of our public ie lower/mid income earners who are struggling for day to day living finance their special preferred choice of expensive lifestyle ? It does not make sense. Further, please note that there are high volume of EC build recently as easily more than 15 launches. Please ask for the total qty of units supply.

It is up to the developer to give discount or whatever promo to entice them, we the general humble living folks who have had enough load and burden in our lives DO NOT have the means to support these well-to-do able earners’ special choice of high class living preference, and the public administrator who merely have the duty to oversea the funds surely DO NOT have ANY RIGHT TO ABUSE OUR PUBLIC FUNDS which hence further burden many of us who are already driven to trek the deep water after foreigners influx which suppress salaries, cause job loss and push up cost of livings within a short period of time!!!

Further, whoever have had enjoy these “oddly public subsidised” special luxurious dwelling be it DBSS special class of designer units, exceptionally huge executive maisonette >140sqm, EC Executive Condo, please PROPOSE a special disposal tax that at least equal to the 30K grant given of 50K resale levy exempted should be imposed  when it is sold, since besides subsidizing their unique high class living for years, these units would have enjoy huge embedded capital gain.

If the ruling party could be very HASH towards scrutinizing the needy in merely few hundreds aids and blast them on the “entitlement “BUT boast about giving support via large banner blah blah publicity, but had been ironically subsidized the group of high income earners’ unusual posh luxurious living, then please shake them up hard to purse the necessary balance in our public funds management for proper allocation & for public equality sake

For your further thoughts and action please. Thanks.

Mdm Tay

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