Do not formulate alternative policy in education

Dear Dr Chee Soon Juan,

I admire your efforts in building the political awareness in Singaporeans and your fight for real democracy in Singapore. But, I would like to give your party some suggestions which you may find it useful.

Firstly, I understand that the party is giving Singaporeans an alternative policy to the incumbent government in health care and housing and I find that these two policies are certain useful more so for the health care policy as it ensure that health care is not treated like a commodity.

But, in the midst of formulating these alternative policies, I hope that Dr Chee will take heed in my advice not to formulate an alternative policy in education. The reasons for these are simple, education should not and must not be politicised for the sake of political glory.

Instead, I would urge Singapore Democratic Party engage the government in the current National Conversation On Education. I hope that you won’t mistaken me as a person who speak for the ruling party as I am not, I speak for what is right for Singapore.

I wish you all the best in your political endeavour and hope that my suggestions will be taken heed. Thank you.

Best Regards,

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