SDP goes walkabout at West Coast

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats conducted a walkabout at various food centres and markets in Clementi and West Coast estates adjoining the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC yesterday.$CUT$

Party activists sold copies of The New Democrat and distributed paraphernalia in our on-going campaign to reach out to the electorate.

As with previous walkabouts, members boarded the bus on early Sunday morning and were transported to various stops to meet with residents who were doing their shopping and having their breakfast.

Many of the residents expressed their concerns over the cost of healthcare in Singapore when they read our healthcare policy in our newspaper. They were clearly supportive of the  idea that the PAP Government should stop making a profit from them on healthcare.

The SDP proposes that the Government increase its share of healthcare expenditure in Singapore from 30 percent currently to 70 percent. This would alleviate much hardship for ordinary Singaporeans who fall ill and have to be hospitalised. A large segment of the population go into debt as a result of their inability to pay for medical bills.

At the same time, the Government continues to charge everything to patients and, as a result, creams off a handsome profit.

Healthcare is not a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder for a profit.

It is a basic human need and must be made available to those who are in need of it, especially those in the lower-income groups.

“If you fall sick and are warded, you will not be able to afford the hospital fees,” one of our members said to a group of elderly Malay men having their breakfast.

“What do you mean hospitals fees?” one of them shot back, “We can’t even afford our kopi nowadays!”

We promised the residents that the SDP will continue to fight to lower medical expenses for Singaporeans.

Several residents also congratulated the party for our housing policy. The idea of the Non-Open Market scheme clearly resonates with young and old Singaporeans.

“With HDB flats so expensive, my children cannot afford to buy their homes,” expressed one resident, “they have to continue to stay with me and our flat is already so crowded.”

People were also heard welcoming Dr Chee Soon Juan back to the electoral process. The SDP secretary-general has paid Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong $30,000 as settlement of his bankruptcy. Dr Chee has yet to hear from the Official Assignee about the resolution of the matter.

The SDP continues to work hard on the ground, spreading news about our alternative policies and giving the electorate plenty of reasons to support a party that is competent, constructive and compassionate.

More event photos at SDP’s facebook album.

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